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Clifton Compact round grey gas fireplace

Clifton FAQs

No! Although gas burns almost without fine dust pollution, the combustion of air is deprived of oxygen, which is why it is not permitted to use it in confined areas.

All Clifton models are easy to maintain. The material of the body consists of a gypsum / ceramic mixture, which can be cleaned easily and quickly with standard cleaning agents and a cloth. When the fireplace is not use, use the included protective cover against dust and rain!

There is unfortunately no standard answer to the question. The consumption depends on the power of the fireplace and the heating behavior. If the fireplace burns constantly on the highest flame, it consumes more than at low position. Nevertheless, we can provide you with an approximate indication using the following example.

A large gas bottle keeps about 24 hours in continuous operation on a small flame, a small bottle about 10-12 hours.

No external power supply is required for all Clifton products. The electric starter works like a gas grill with a battery.


The Clifton is designed exclusively for use with propane or butane gas.


No, the gas fireplace is already supplied ready for you and is immediately operational with the right gas bottle.


Yes, every Clifton model is made of a weather-resistant and water-repellent material and can safely stand outdoors all year round. However, we recommend using the enclosed protective cover when not in use.


No, the glass attachment made of safety glass is accessory and serves only for additional safety. It protects, for example, in the case of a strong wind, as well as curious children’s hands and domestic animals in front of the flames. Visually it also enhances the flame form and design of the gas fireplaces.


Yes, all Clifton models can also be placed on covered terraces, under glass or plastic roofs or awnings. Due to the controllability of the flames, no danger arises, what’s more the heat lasts even longer!


As a rule, the flames of the Clifton gas are not extinguished in heavy wind or rain. If this does occur, the gas valve closes automatically. After using the fireplace, we advise you to pull the supplied protective cover over the fireplace.

All models are made of a special gypsum / ceramic mixture, are hand-painted, weather resistant and particularly easy to care for.

The wooden boards of ceramics become black after some use. This supports the effect of real wood. However, the logs can be cleaned under running water at any time. Always use household gloves!


All models are guaranteed for 24 months.


No, all Clifton models serve exclusively as heat sources in outdoor areas. The lava stone, the fire bowl and the fuel ring will become soiled by grease and oil.

All models come standard with the following accessories: lava tile, protective cover, burner cover (except model Standard), gas hose and gas pressure regulator.

Available at extra charge: Cover plate, hose cover, glass attachment made of safety glass (except for the model Compact Round), sparkling glassware in dark anthracite, ceramic firebox.

The gas bottle is stowable on all models (except the Standard and Special Bowl models).


Model Standard: approx. 30-35 kg
Model Compact: approx. 30 kg
Models Table and Large: approx. 65 kg
Models Special: approx. 50 kg