Clifton Large gas fireplace


This authentic large fireplace is great to sit around and talk long in to the night. The wide mantelpiece around the table is perfect for resting your glass, placing your plates and storing your snacks.

The height of the fire table corresponds to the  standard table height of 71 cm. With the fireplace cover, it turns into hand-turning to a practical table. The safety glass attachment combines style with added safety benefits.

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Simply place the fireplace cover on and  it into a practical table. For added safety and extra beauty add the stylish safety glass. We offer Clifton Large in two different options. Each product is hand-finished, giving each piece its unique colour variation. Complete your beautiful Clifton set with original accessories from our collection.

Technical specifications:

Dimensions: W: 88cm x D: 88cm x H: 71cm
Weather resistant
Fuel:  propane gas, fuel capacity 15 kW
Bottle size to 11 Kg Bulk density
Bottle is housed in the gas fireplace
Includes lava rock & cover.
Includes propane gas pressure regulator and hose
CE approved
Includes propane gas pressure regulator and hose
CE approved
2 year limited manufacturers warranty